Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about AD&WAY. Here you’ll find information about our products, services and more.


Can I carry my product to exhibitions and use them?

Yes, our all products are very easy to carry, you can carry simply anywhere and all are rolled or folded type products, so it can be opened and placed anywhere and packed easily.

Do you provide printed products only?

No,we provide with and with out printed products also, there is no minimum requirement.please, feel free contact our sales head,09895119962


How can I fix a promo table?

Its a five minute simple work.its only need a screw driver as a tool.go through the following link to get a demo video.

How can I fix a tent or canopy?

Its very simple work to fix a canopy or tent with in minutes. please go through following link

How should I protect my product after using?

There is no ironing or washing that needs to be done for banner, you can simply clean it with cloth only if there is at all the need for the same.then you can simply fold or roll the product and put them to bag.

What is weight of product?
  • Canopy (4 x 4 x 7 feet)                 : 8 kg
  • Roll up standee (2 x 5 feet) : 1 ½ kg
  • Roll up standee (3 x 6 feet) : 2 ½ kg
  • Promo Table (PVC)              : 6 kg
  • Umbrella without base        : 3 kg