Online and Social media are an ever-changing ecosystem of humans sharing content. We help marketers break out in the space. Our social media division, the Socialists, covers everything from social media monitoring and trend identification to content strategy, video production and paid advertising.

There are obvious reasons to buy digital media ads to promote your business. Here are the most important among them.

  • Increase your brand’s exposure to clients
  • Gather leads that you can convert into sales through other marketing campaigns
  • Reduce your marketing expenses
  • Reach a highly targeted audience interested in your offerings
  • Increase brand exposure and build loyalty
  • Measure your campaign’s success with easy-to-use and intuitive media insights
  • Drive visitors to your site and boost your SEO efforts
  • Allow customers to access your business information from their mobile phones and tablets
  • Monitor your competitors’ marketing techniques to see what strategies are actually working for them




                                                                        Facebook Marketing
Facebook is not just a visual news feed. It is a place to be discovered.This platform is so unique because the targeting capabilities are so vast yet so specific when it comes to connecting with the right audience. It’s a place where people thrive on similar interests and sharing relevant content with their peers. It’s also where people like to discover products and brands that relate to them. You can captivate them easily and build brand loyalty time and time again! No platform has any capabilities like this.


We can handle the following for your Facebook Advertisement:
 Campaign set up
 Ad creation and demographic targeting
 Refresh ad creative on a regular basis
 Manage bidding & maximize use of budget



                                                                          Email marketing
AD&WAY is an expert in providing companies and organizations to advertise and help your business reach prospective customers via focused, effective, targeted, strategic Bulk E-mail campaigns. Be it a newsletter to contact with your prospect customers or a sales-oriented letter for interacting with your existing clients we cover all of your needs. Our take on this service is pretty simple and precise to help you understand the whole process hassle-free, eventually giving you an efficacious lead in this ever competitive business scenario. After availing our services you can see the transformation. Your business will generate leads, bring more attention and traffic, inspire a stronger brand image and get a greater return for your investment.
                                                                        YouTube marketing
AD&WAY has been the pioneer in video marketing resources, tips, and strategy advice by providing beyond par services. Be it small pre-roll ad or authentic promotional contents, our efforts and experiment with YouTube advertising pays off providing you with a target audience of 1 billion viewers.
We have advertising solutions for every business needs for boosting their brand’s awareness, website traffic and sales in a cost-effective, budget-friendly way.