Looking for a way to give your campaign a head-turning edge or have your brand interact with an audience?


Very grassroots, and involving teams of fun, outgoing individuals to spread your message through word of mouth, On road campaign teams can hand out merchandise, create a flash mob or collect surveys, always creating that person-to-person connection with your audience.They also make a great complement to more traditional media running simultaneously.


Street teams can literally walk right up to your audience say “Hi!”, and then engage in a one-on-one brand experience, distributing promotional items, and collecting information. They also offer a unique opportunity to bring your creativity to life. With a creative use of props and attire street teams can be created to mirror your advertising creative


Street teams can also be equipped with a wide variety of peripheral media, from the simple — like giant inflatables, or protest signs — to the complex — like wearable digital displays or hand held projectors. Let our outdoor experts help you present something new and out of the ordinary to your client or team.