To this day, one of the most effective ways to reach your audience is through mall campaign. people becoming riches by currency by poorer by time, everyone wants a life of convenience. where things are available with ease even if that means spending a bit more. So, shopping malls become an obvious choice. Its comfortable, easy and entertaining. As target audience from all walks of life come here, for most brands, be it products or services, it has become an integral part of the marketing mix and mall promotions feature in the marketing budget without a question.


The investments made on mall campaigns pay good returns as many of these benefits create long-lasting impressions. They may or may not result into immediate sales, but they definitely lead to an increased affinity towards the brand, which is an unmatched Return on Investment for any brand.


mall campaign is the one of the way to promote any brand or any product to aware a specific category of customer, in which with the help of manpower Solution. Who contacts people directly with the help of some entertainment part. Team AD&WAY is specialized in operations like to take space in Mall, Permissions, Stall Fabrication, Sound System, Printing Materials ,Manpower (Promoters, Anchor etc.)