AD&WAY employ a face-to-face marketing strategy that gives your message the undivided attention you’re looking for. Turning ideas into action and action into results, our creative strategies touch every part of the experience pre, during and post event.We’re versatile across industries and campaign intention; helping you gain direct exposure to consumers in order to build brand equity, increase awareness and most importantly, drive results.


Realizing that event marketing is one of the powerful outreach techniques used by businesses today; Its values and how face-to-face engagement become a core to business growth and development strategy, we worked on developing a new service that would sensitively meet the dynamic and consistent innovative demands of effective advertisements. We offer a range of services essential for the creation of successful happens.

    trade shows

    brand activation

    promotional activities

    product launching



We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we develop with each of our clients and that begins with our approach. Your business is unique which first requires a deep understanding of what you do, your needs and the goals you want to achieve. Then, through creative and strategic thinking, we develop customized, comprehensive experiential campaigns that provide memorable experiences that produce measurable results.


Our approach drives our thorough A to Z process to deliver an experiential campaign tailored for you. While we stake our reputation on this comprehensive and collaborative method, some of our clients may only need our services at different stages of the process below and that works just fine for us too.Our menu, your choice


. strategic planning

. event development & social integration

. event access & negotiation

. pre-event implementation

. on-site activation

. post-event analysis